Exhibition no. 1.- Cartographies. Solo show by Rita Arias, painting, sculpture, and drawing. From Friday, May 8th to Wednesday, June 24th, 2015.

In Cartografias (Cartographies), Rita Arias presents a proposal for maps and floor plans, drawn in view of the need for guidance, and her desire to understand the world. Hence, the trace of coordinates to help her find new places and tracts of land. It is not about representing the geographical and tangible world, but to show mysterious pathways carved with critical thinking, intuited in the recesses. It is an attempt to build an architecture of the psyche that is inserted into the living matter of conscience.

In her work, there can be recognized common places, but also those that we pass alone, in total loneliness; some extraordinary, expressing joy for existence; others, involving a temporary and empty hell, that can not be filled with lines nor any stroke.

She uses images and objects that serve as intuitive references, which can illuminate an unknown space or a narrow corridor of the extensive human maze. She may represent the limits of the inner rooms of a sacred house, or paint a deep-sea fish and a sphere to go from de deepest darks to the most luminous hope of the spirit. She can conceive waved tresses by the wind, or circles to express the rapid rotation of the repetition periods contained in human life.

Hence the importance of mapping with inked worlds, and climbing stairs again and again, discovering the same, and at the same time, a different universe; like fractures or wholes, but also with new revelations.

She uses mathematics, geometry or any object, as instances of an order to establish a path of logic: A cube to represent the world, a door for emptiness, a turtle for knowledge, four trees for four seasons, and also a map with seven questions to find new meanings.

Cartografías (Cartographies) is an exhibition that raises the possibility of transferring chaos to cosmos, the need to reorganize the world, to create new columns, to build a new free personal firmament of homogenization, even if it is only temporary. But also, it is the attempt to understand and express her concerning about certain experiences.

A challenge of the imagined cartography, is to get different planes to overlap, interacting with each other, to show a multiplicity of dimensions and times, that are integrated into a single point, in the present and here, in this incidence, finding ourselves.

Author: Adriana Maar