agosto 28, 2015


Exhibition no. 4.- Entelechy. Solo show by Arizbeth Chavez, collage. From Friday, August 28th, to Thursday, October 6th, 2015.

In Entelechy, Arizbeth Chávez presents 20 collages made from trimming and selecting images, with meticulous planning. Through portraits, postcards, photographs and other prints, she tries to establish a direct dialogue with memory: to evoke those unlived memories, appropriating them as a memory that has only imaginary existence.

With a penchant for faded tones and vintage cuts, she experiments with different environments and atmospheres, incorporating one or two characters, in situations that at first sight may seem common. But in a witty and fanciful way, break the rules of visual logic and impose her own versions of order in the chaos of perception.

Cut with a flawless precision, her collages indicate that her emotional response to accuracy, has the same importance as the composition and subject.

In some of her artworks we can recognize some elements that are repeated in different ways, a sort of leitmotifs: the universe, childhood, science, cities, and crowds. All of them used to create strange juxtapositions – demonstrating a classical surrealistic combination of disparate elements – that are both fun and palpitating. Thus, conceived in each of her works, a kind of existence that contains in itself its own beginning and its own end.

To observe the artist work, is a feast for the eyes and imagination. She demonstrates the visible infinity of her technique, granting an ideal and perfect character to let us create our own narratives and personal illusions.

Enthused by the multiplicity of meanings that we can find in her collages, we become writers of striking fictions and the adventurous travelers who look at them, as if we were along the route of a private trip.

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